Yes it’s a very usual story and the plot is simple – a rich, arrogant, spoilt brat Praveen Jayaramaraju aka PJ, learning life and earning love, realizing that money isn’t all that’s required in life – courtesy his grandfather’s challenges. Yet this remains a personal favorite, thanks to Natural star Nani’s loveable performance and the perfect mix of humor and philosophy in the screenplay.Two best dialogues from one of my favorite Telugu films, and one of the best movies in #Nani’s career – Pilla Zamindar.

The first dialogue uttered by Rajanna Sir (#RaoRamesh, as always impressive with his dialogue delivery and natural performance) when Nani realizes his mistakes and the way he’s lived life so far :

(What’s in a victory? It can just show the world who you are. Lose once, and you’ll know what the world is!!)

The second one comes when PJ realizes that happiness isn’t about money, and it’s something more than that, which is explained very well by his friend Kanna Babu (played by #SrinivasAvasarala who’s been travelling with Nani since his Ashta chamma days ?)with this awesome dialogue:

(“God created people to be loved,and things to be used. But we confused human beings use people and love things!! The day this changes, there’ll be happiness and satisfaction!!”)

Beautiful lines in such a perfect commercial entertainer. Nani’s humor filled performance, ably supported by Rao Ramesh, M.S.Narayana (a very interesting character with love for telugu bhasha), Subtle Srinivas Avasarala, and pretty Haripriya, wonderful dialogues and an engaging, fun filled screenplay by Director Ashok(sad that he failed with his next Sukumarudu,hope he makes a comeback with a clean entertainer like PJ – he has #Chitrangadha starring #Anjali and #Bhagmathi starring #Anushka in pipeline) made PJ a memorable entertainer. Missed watching this in theater(it was released in Chennai, much later after its original release date, near Diwali 2011). It’s been 5 Years and I’ve seen it numerous times, and it never bores.