#AandavanKattalai – Review :
Cast: #VijaySethupathi,#YogiBabu,Aravindan , #RitikaSingh, #Nasser, #PoojaDevariya, Vinothini, George, Cheenu Mohan, Ramesh Thilak.
Music: K
Direction: #Manikandan

Coming from National Award winning “#KaakaMuttai” director Manikandan post the critically acclaimed movie “#KutrameThandanai”, “Aandavan Kattalai” boasts of an interesting cast and an interesting, relevant theme. So,is it the second success for Vijay Sethupathi in as many months?

Plot and Performances :
Gandhi (Vjs) and his friend Pandi (Yogi Babu), desire to go to London, to earn and settle, besides settling debts. They rely on agents, who mislead them in the process of obtaining VISA, and while Pandi gets to travel, Gandhi fails to clear the interview. Now Gandhi gets an opportunity to travel to London, courtesy Nasser’s drama company, but he has to remove the fake spouse detail from his passport, for which he seeks the help of Karmeghakuzhali (Ritika Singh). Whether Karmegakuzhali helped Gandhi achieve his London Dreams, and what travails, and humorous situations they undergo is what Aandavan Kattalai is all about.

Vijay Sethupathi, yet again impresses,with a calm and composed act, and displays emotions in a subtle manner. His underplay is an asset to AK. Be it his content smile at the passport office towards the climax, or the teary hug offered to Nesan, Vijay Sethupathi delivers a lively performance, and reasserts the fact that he’s one of the best when it comes to screen presence. Yogi Babu can be called the second lead of AK,as he livens up the proceedings with his funny one-liners and hilarious antics/body language. This gifted actor has the ability to deliver humor that perfectly blends with the screenplay without impacting it’s pace. The first half is actually ruled by Yogi, who generates genuine laughs effortlessly. Aravindan, who plays Nesan delivers a Soulful, touching performance, that’s sure to moisten your eyes. Though her role doesn’t offer much scope to emote like her solid debut role in #IrudhiSutru, Ritika mesmerizes with her cute expressions in the climax.Veteran Nasser, after his pivotal role in Manikandan’s Kutrame Thandanai, once again gives a small yet memorable act here. The rest of the cast including the lawyers George – Vinothini, real estate agent – ex policeman Singampuli, Muthuraman are aptly cast in tailor-made roles,and all of them get to deliver natural performances. Aandavan Kattalai is a movie that is strongly supported by its wonderful cast with each of them making their presence felt.



Music and Technical Departments :
K delivers a neat track,with numbers beautifully complementing the screenplay. Be it The “Yaaro petha” song that plays during the beginning credits, or “Vaazhka oru Ottagam” number, K makes sure his music serves as an asset to AK. His excellent BGM deserves a special mention, especially the climax episode at the passport office. Shanmuga Sundaram’s cinematography captures Aandavan Kattalai in a lively manner, without cinematic exaggerations or artifical lightings/color tones and Anucharan’s taut editing ensures that the hilarious AK never drags.

Direction :
After delivering two movies,each belonging to different genres, Manikandan has this time opted for another social theme-the involvement of agents/brokers and the shortcuts people resort to, in their attempts to settle abroad. He impresses right from the title disclaimers that read “Using middlemen to avail public services is like using someone’s hand to scratch your nose” (Don’t remember the exact words though!), the safety message “Avoid accidents by wearing helmet”, and the careful avoidance of using the word “Oomai” (Dumb). We’ve got a talented maker who can educate effectively with his visual ventures. He has focused not just on the passport related issues, but also on many other issues faced on a day-to-day basis like the problems people face in convincing house owners rent their houses, the different kinds of middlemen in the judicial system, politicians who maintain a fake social image, troubles faced by people who travel without a proper identity / traveller’s VISA to actually land in a job,and many more. The sad state of a Srilankan refugee is presented in an extremely

Convincing and moving manner with Nesan episodes, and his plight perfectly samples the pains of numerous refugees living here. Aravindan delivers a knockout performance as Nesan. Vijay Sethupathi should be applauded for opting to be a part of this venture where every character gers to play a significant part, and Yogi Babu especially overshadows Vijay himself in their combination sequences, with his hilarious act. So much that he evokes hearty laugh even after a very serious situation he comes out of, near the climax. Though Aandavan Kattalai has its fair share of misses as well, like the reason behind Ritika opting to help Vjs, agent Kumar escaping police for almost 8 years, actively doing frauds, the movie has an engaging screenplay that makes you forget such minor glitches. There are makers who get lost in their attempt to convey a lot of thoughts, by failing in execution, but Manikandan has ably delivered it in Aandavan Kattalai, and presents each of the issue he has touched upon, with so much clarity, while also extracting memorable performance from everyone involved . In a nutshell, the hearty smile that Vijay Sethupathi sports in the climax is what exactly Aandavan Kattalai is all about – it’ll sure gift you a hearty smile, and will definitely get you out of mood swings / refresh your spirits and inspire you to move on with confidence. All said, Aandavan Kattalai presents relevant social issues with intelligent, lovable humor, without being preachy.


VERDICT: A must watch for the excellent message conveyed in a humorous way. A feel good entertainer, not to be missed.