For the past few days, Admit It memes have been making rounds on various popular pages on Facebook. This trend, started by a meme maker from Pondicherry, found it way to the London based Mystic Tamil page.

Mystic Tamil is basically a page which mocks people who are emotionally attached to an actor or post cringe worthy memes which promotes stalking and the single bachelor life. The page is also dedicated in trolling out of work 90’s actors.

One of the Mystic Tamil admins found the following meme:


needless to say the trolling was on! It so happens that the meme maker was tagged on the post. What resulted in was a 24 hour trolling war with some pretty exceptional curse words and insults that were spewed on either side.


The trollers were banned from the Mystic Tamil page and the situation receded.

Admit It!!!! It was sure fun while it lasted though. :p