Blast from the past.


The story of a deaf and mute brother setting eyes on his younger brother’s wife – a risky theme isn’t it? But it clicked big at the BO.


▶First movie that featured #Ajith in dual roles.
▶Debut movie of S.J.Surya and #Jyothika.
▶At a time when #Superstar #Rajnikanth’s #Padayappa (Released 10 April 1999)was ruling the box office, released 20 days later(30 April 1999)and became a Superhit, running successfully for more than 200 days.
▶Won Ajith his first #Filmfare award.
▶The film was initially supposed to have Keerthy Reddy, but was later replaced by #Simran, who did a wonderful job, establishing herself as an actress with huge potential besides scorching screens with her glam.
▶At a time when social media wasn’t existent, Magazines were the primary source of reviews, and Ananda Vikatan had awarded Vaalee 45/100.
▶ The movie was beautifully supported by Deva’s music, and the songs “Oh Sona” and “April Madhathil” were chartbusters.
▶ The film was dubbed in Telugu, and was later remade in Kannada with the same title, and had #Sudeep playing the lead.

This Movie explores Ajith into Next level and it is one of the career breaking movie for Ajith, Jothika and Sj Surya.