Kabali: What can we do this guy who has caged these birds which could have been free and happy outside? Do you know how bad it is to be caged , and the difficulties you’d face when caged ?? A small rod to close the cage, and when you release it, there’s the vast sky to fly !!

Ameer: If we open the cage, these birds will die.The bigger birds out there will hunt them !!

Kabali: The inherent nature of birds itself is to fly!! Let the birds be set free, and let them decide whether to live free, or die !! Your act of mercy by caging them is even more cruel than death itself !!

This is applicable to human beings as well. Each of us have our own interests, passion, aims, and an identity – and that should never be restricted or caged by the interests, opinions or acts of people around. Everyone has the right and the freedom to fly, try and gain self realization and get the whole purpose of what they’re born for. Never let your freedom to explore and experience be curbed by narrow minded people.