The rumors have started to spread that the Indian Micheal Jackson Prabhu Deva and the Milk beauty Tamannah are seeing each other for quite few days.

This is quite evident from the fact that in a recent promotional event of their trilingual movie “Devi L” both complimented each other publicly and this was not at usual for the actress since she has not appreciated her co-star till date.Also the bearded actor and dancer has seen the movie with a special screening alongside Tamannah adding more oil to the speculations.

To add to this happenings, one of the Telugu film producer has also strongly confirmed that the two are in the plans of taking their friendship to the next level and also the actor’s family are ready to make him enter into marital life once again.

Hope this is not a publicity stunt created for the promotion of their movie, like the one which was created during Boss engira Baskaran.