It’s one year of the epic Celluloid battle between the mighty,evil Sidhharth Abhimanyu and the Passionate Cop Mithran. Although Aravind Swamy had made a return to films with Kadal,his villainy in Thani Oruvan is what I’d term actually as a perfect comeback. Turning every step into a successful one with extreme ease, and the devil may care attitude when it comes to achieving his goals and destroying the obstacles in his path, even when the obstacle happens to be his girlfriend or Father, Aravind Swamy just gave life to Sidhharth, making it one of the best villain roles in Tamil cinema. And Mohan Raja’s conviction to present the villain more powerful than the hero , sans routine commercial stereotypical punches, “Aeiiii…. Daiiiiii…. Avana podraaaaaa….” kinda yells,( and most importantly, Thani Oruvan never had Mithran flexing his muscles against Sidhharth, and was a brilliant mind game)paid off very well. While it was an acid test for Mohan Raja as he faced the audience with his first original script, after a failed remake, Jayam Ravi also took the bold step to play an unconventional hero, who despite his impressive qualities of a perfect cop, always stayed one step behind the mighty Villain Sidhharth. Though Mithran gets ample opportunity to turn the cliched cop indulging in fistfight with Sidhharth, he resorts to using his brains rather than brawn, and perfectly hunts him down. The movie also ends with justice getting restored, rather than projecting Sidhharth losing or Mithran winning, with this dialogue brilliantly conveying it – “Naattukaaga illa. Nee Aasapatta. Unakkaga” – the honest dream wins. Raja also made use of Nayantara effectively,without wasting her as a mere glam doll, giving two of the best proposal sequences in recent times, besides making use of her as a catalyst in fastening the proceedings. Due credits to the Support Cast headed by Thambi Ramaiah, whose humorous combination with Aravind Swamy was impressive to say the least. The movie was well supported by Hip Hop Thamizha’s BGM, and Ramji’s cinematography, while one can definitely say Subha’s dialogues and screenplay was the backbone of Thani Oruvan.


While the lines in the movie says “Theemai thaan vellum”, Mohan Raja and team beautifully won the audience with their brilliant, engaging screenplay. Talks are on for Thani Oruvan 2 already, hope they deliver something that would surpass the first part.

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