Soundarya Rajnikanth  tweeted about her divorce officially today. Earlier it was reported  that the couples were Separated due to the misunderstanding between them.


In her tweet,she tweeted that they were separated for more than one year.There are lot of rumours about Ashwin and Soundarya’s split where sources close to them says that, their Marriage life was not good and it was difficult for them to proceed their life forward with lot of misunderstandings. They failed to understand each other and ultimately made them to take this decision. It is said that, nothing goes well between them and even Superstar tried his best to make them better and he tried in all possible ways and also he stayed with her for couple of weeks. But all went vain and the couples were separated, thus ending their six years relationship.

Soundarya Rajnikanth, herself told in an event on eve of  Kochadiiyaan release about their meet and love, where she met him in a gym. She also said Ashwin proposed her first and he got permission from Superstar Rajnikanth even before the proposal and she was overwhelmed about his approach. Ashwin runs his own family business. In her tweet, She asked everyone to respect her privacy.