We have almost come to the end of 2016. A long six years from 2010 when India had its last census recorded. Though what has been achieved in the last six years is a question to be answered by every individual, there is a marked change in terms of the relationships among youth post 2010, to be exact.

The advancements in communication has brought about a lot of changes in the opportunities to meet new people in life. So many people enter into our lives daily. Social networks form a major part of it. We almost meet hundreds of new people every year, and many friendships these days enter into relationships, either short or long.

The meaning and shades of the word ‘TEXTING’ has changed over the years. Now, almost everyone start their day and carry on the entire day texting (Facebook, Whatsapp etc). The social network has played a major part in it. There are new social networks mushrooming almost daily. All of us like the support and care from a person of opposite sex and we tend to take it in a much friendly manner these days. This is the vision that social networks have given us. Gone are the days of the introverts, nowadays we hardly see any introverts.

Relationships these days start with a “HI” in any social networking app and it continues through mobile into our personal life. There is a negative part to it when people use it with bad intentions, but as said it is up to the user to handle any technology. Filtering and screening the profile of the social network friends before getting into a relationship would definitely help the cause.

It is inevitable for the youth to meet new people everyday in this age, at college,work and outside. And it is inevitable to fall into relationships. The opportunities are plenty compared to pre-2010. A little bit of care would help to put things in order. This is where people who had their youth on the border of 2010 have actually succeeded. They have seen both the scenarios and hence they are able to handle things well. The understanding of a person in real life would go a long distance in maintaining a relationship online. Hence, the youth of today should meet the person, get to know of him/her in real world before proceeding to get into a relationship, either online or offline.