• Vijay Antony
  • Arundhati Nair
  • Meera Krishnan

Direction : Pradeep Krishnamoorthy

Production : Fathima Vijay Antony

Music Director : Vijay Antony

Cinematographer : Pradeep Kalipurayath

Editor : Veera Senthil

Banner : Vijay Antony Film Corporation

The story has been inspired by veteran writer Sujatha’s novel ‘Aa’


Saithan is a psychological thriller. In Bethaludu/ Saithan movie, Vijay Antony plays a software engineer role, it also features Arundhathi Nair. Famous Chennai-based bike racer Alisha Abdullah and Meera Krishnan are playing prominent roles.

Saithan is about a man’s search for a mysterious woman named Jayalakshmi. The story revolves around the struggles of his past life and reality. Arundhati Nair plays his wife character and is seen in multiple avatars. This film story extracted from the novel written by the late writer Sujatha Rangarajan. It is going to be the best horror thriller film of the year with multiple twists.

Movie Review:

This movie is a Physiological Suspense Thriller. The movie opens with Dinesh (Vijay Antony) seeing a hypnotherapist, confessing about killing a friend. Saithan story is an unexplored subject on Indian Screen. The audience may experience novelty as this story revolves around auditory hallucination (schizophrenia).

Makers released the first 10 minutes of a thriller and made a smart move to heighten the intrigue amongst viewers. The visuals in the movie are stunning and Vijay Antony performance is simply amazing. After Pichaikaran it is a great move by the actor turned Music director. Vijay Antony is a multi-talented personality, who can make great movies and he mesmerizes audience greatly with his acting. Hunt for Jayalakshmi begins with a super twist in the interval.

The flashback in the movie had an enough emotional quotient. Saithan with an engaging screenplay and Vijay Antony acting skills attracted the audience. The first half of the film is good and a little drag in second half needs some patience to watch. Overall the movie is quite interesting with an engaging screenplay. The story plot is simple but the narration makes it much more interesting to watch. With a decent first half and an interesting second half, the movie confirmed its success at the box office. However, the climax is not convincing. Saithan is an easily watchable movie for those who like Vijay Antony and an average one for others.

Positive Points

  • Vijay Antony Performance
  • Engaging Screenplay
  • Music
  • Story
  • Cinematography

Negative Points 

  • Little Drag In Second Half
  • Slow Narration
  • Climax

Review :


Saithan is a mind-blowing psychological thriller with an engaging screenplay. Vijay Antony again proves himself as a best actor cum Music Director.