Virender Sehwag after retirement from cricket has found a new platform to show his skills- Twitter. His witty and sarcastic posts have earned him the name – King of twitter.

After the Olympic banter with English commentator Piers Morgan, Sehwag once again put Morgan in his place post the Indian victory in Kabaddi World Cup.  twitter-morgan

Morgan had gramatically corrected Sehwag in a previous tweet after England were eliminated from the Kabaddi world cup.tweet

Needless to say, Sehwag gave a bashing answer to Morgan through his tweet after India won the world cup. His tweet read: ” India invented Kabaddi & r World Champs for 8th time. Elsewhere some country invented cricket & r yet only goof in correcting typos.sehwwww

Well Mr. Piers Morgan looks like you got roasted once more by Viru!!!! Better luck next time!