Most Awaited Movie of the year Shivaay released today and it is directed and acted by Ajay Devgn. It is the dream project for Ajay Devgn and it clashed with Kjo’s Ae Dil Hai Muskil. 

StoryLine :

Ajay Devgn’s directorial return Shivaay is the story of a man trying to right many wrongs. Set against the backdrop of the icy mountains, Shivaay (Ajay) is living what seems like an ordinary life – helping the army in lost and found missions, trekking with tourists and flirting with foreign belles, one in particular – Olga (Erika Kaar). Shivaay and Olga’s love story happens so quickly that before you start digging into your popcorn they have a child – a daughter named Gaura (Abigail) who might be a mute but her expressions and over enthusiastic antics compensate for her lack of speech. Shivaay’s world turns upside down when Gaura discovers a letter left by Olga describing how she abandoned her daughter after birth. Their journey to find Olga takes the father- daughter duo to the scenic locales of Bulgaria where most of the film takes place. Ajay throws in a child trafficking subplot that serves as a catalyst to play out one of the longest drawn climaxes of 2016. There is no villain, rather there are masked men who Shivaay has to fight to reach to the one who is responsible for his daughters kidnapping. Shot on a lavish scale with high octane stunt scenes Shivaay works because of its emotional connect with the audience. .
Positive :

The movie has great visual treat to watch for and surely it will not disappoint Ajay Devgn fans. Entry scene of Ajay ourstands all and the father-daughter relationship is well potrayed in the film. Scenes of Ajay with Abigail is treat to watch and it will be the best moment of the movie. Music and BGM is well performed. 


The movie purely depends on Ajay Devgn alone and the major fault is the directorial and acting of Ajay by himself. Because it simply diverts him from his acting. The length of the movie is also a fact which completely makes audience to divert. 

Review : Watch it Only For Ajay and Father –  Daughter relationship 

Rating :2.5/5