Arul, a top businessman from Tirupur, has to lead the life of a beggar for 48 days, as suggested by a godman, who makes him believe that this would help his mother recover from coma. On the 48th day,minutes before his life as a beggar could end, his girlfriend Magizhini is stabbed, and is admitted to a hospital. As he somehow manages to pay the treatment expenses, courtesy his friends, he’s arrested by cops. As he enquires the reason for his arrest, the arrogant inspector slaps Arul, uttering these lines

(“Is it necessary to even explain the reason to arrest a Beggar? “)

A very simple, yet strong line, that just perfectly depicts the vulnerable section of the society that the beggars are. So much that, the cops with power and authority don’t even care to deal them with minimal compassion, and have a preset notion that they don’t even deserve to know the reason for which they are framed in a case.

As the Inspector proceeds to further assault Arul, he holds the inspector’s hand, not in retaliation, but just to make note of the time in his watch(besides having to lead the life of a beggar, Arul also has to start everyday from scratch,and hence he has this habit of depositing all the excess earnings post daily expenses in a temple hundi). Irked by Arul the beggar touching his hands, the angry Inspector thrashes him further, saying :

(“How dare you touch me, you beggar?”)

Only then Arul reveals that he has to deposit the money before 11 am.Just as he’s being taken away by the cops after finishing his routine, arrives his friend Rajesh, who reveals Arul’s real identity to the policemen.

Beggar Arul enters his caravan, freshens himself, and comes out formally dressed, and walks into the hospital(with the amazingly adapted Gayatri Mantra Om bhur bhuvah swaha playing in the background, generating instant goosebumps!!) , accompanied by his friend Rajesh and personal bodyguards, with the Inspector and team watching him stunned. As Arul gets treated for his injuries,while also getting to know of the treatment provided to Magizhini, he comes out of the hospital premises, only to be met by the Inspector, now completely aware of Arul’s social status. Apologizing for his violent ways, the Inspector says :

(“Sir, am very sorry for what had happened, it had happened as I didn’t know who you are..”)

And suddenly gets hold of Arul’s hands and further pleads forgiveness.

As Arul sees the Inspector touching his hand, he gets reminded of the same person’s words minutes before, and the sense of disgust and anger exhibited by him, when Arul the beggar touched his hands. Arul slaps the Inspector hard, with his words :

(“I’ve lived the life of a beggar till today.Never had I felt ashamed of being a beggar. But now, I feel it disgusting to be a rich man.”)

With this sharp line, Arul makes the cop realize the disgusting person that he was.He gives a bitter pill to the Inspector, on how he should’ve and should be treating people alike, irrespective of their social status,and how he had endorsed untouchability, taking full advantage of his power and position. Arul makes the Inspector get into the shoes of the immorally,unethically treated beggar that he was, sometime back. As the Inspector gets a taste of his own medicine, this scene also gives the audience, an advice on how not to treat the beggars – ofcourse,they neither have the money nor do they enjoy the social status as we do, but that doesn’t mean it should be considered as a license for treating them in an inhuman, merciless and suspecting manner.To help or not ,can be an individual’s choice, but to treat them as normal human beings like us is mandatory.

This is one of my favorite scenes from this year’s surprise hit Pichaikaran.#Pichaikaran, produced by #VijayAntony, starring him in lead role besides composing music,was a success not just in Kollywood,but also enjoyed a bigger success in Tollywood, despite being released alongside biggies like #MaheshBabu’s #Brahmotsavam. The Telugu version #Bichagadu enjoyed humongous success, celebrating a 100 day run, and grossing above 20 crores, making it Director #Sasi’s perfect comeback directorial post the critically acclaimed #Poo and the commercial disaster #555TheMovie. The movie’s success earned Deepa Ramanujam who played Vijay Antony’s mother in Pichaikaran, a role in Mahesh Babu’s upcoming venture by A.R.Murugadoss. Vijay Antony’s growth from the composer of Sasi’s #Dishoom (2006) to playing the hero in his Pichaikaran (2016) has been great, with his impressive choice of scripts that suit his image and the limitations he has,as an actor.