Yogi Babu, a current sensation in Kollywood ruling like a boss and gains more lovers. His attitude and timing is more different from other actors which makes him unique. His different style of comedy is well appreciated among audience and even his presence is enough for the audience to laugh. More than Yogi Babu, audience calls him as Panni Moonchi Vaayan. 

Here Are The Unknown Facts About Yogi Babu : 


In His Beginning Of Career Yogi Babu acted in Lollu Sabha in side roles. Only by seeing his unique acting Ram Bala called him and gave him the chance. 


Yogi Babu’s First appearance in silver screen was Yogi which is acted and directed by Ameer and hence he got the name yogi babu. 


Yogi Babu is a state level football player and this news went virally in social media for few days. 


Also he worked as a assistant director with director Bala and helps him in writing scripts. 

His works in Aandavan Kattalai identifies himself as a supporting actor. His role in Kaka Muttai, Demonte Colony, Aandavan Kattalai was well appreciated and he is said to be one of the promising forthcoming star in Kollywood.