Newcomer Surya Directed Annatha Kuppathula MGR’um Thalaiyum  poster released recently. It is said that the movie has some elements about MGR and Thala Ajith and so the title called MGR’um Thalaiyum. So what their pictures are made into posters and it became talk of the town.


This made the fans of Ajith and MGR in  social network to argue about their actor’s philanthropist. Each actor’s fans claim their actor’s as their best. However there is still no announcement of the movie regarding their philanthropy.

But the director Siva says that the movie js about yesteryear superstar MGR and Thala Ajith but he stopped saying further and asked to catch the full storyline only after the release thus keeping the storyline in suspense.



It is said to be a good marketing tactics from the team using the power of these two actors as they have biggest fan base in TamilNadu. Even After MGR’s death his craze is not down even in a Single area and the craze for Ajith and Vijay remains everywhere now and using the stardom of Ajith and MGR, the team is looking forward to get positive response. Even fans are waiting for the movie as the movie has content of their life in the movie.

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