Vintage #RGV at his best. This was a very simple plot of a College student turned gangster Shiva Vs an evil criminal Bhavani, and the twists and challenges Shiva faces to save his family and friends. Ram Gopal Varma offered an engaging screenplay, and making a strong impression with one’s debut is no mean feat. This clip from 1:30 – still serves as an inspiration for many “soft spoken guy turns violent” kinda action sequences (If it’s #Shiva for #Nagarjuna, it was #Run for #Madhavan and #UdhayamNH4 for #Sidhharth, IMO) .

27 years for this movie with subtle performance by King Nag, his loveable chemistry with real life heroine Amala who played the lively Asha, and Rocking Villainy by #Raghuvaran as Bhavani, and wonderful score ? by Maestro #Ilayaraja. The movie was a huge success in TN and Bollywood as well.

And this is Shiva’s (Udhayam) record in TN :
#Udhayam ,released in Tamil Nadu on 12-1-1990 as Pongal Special in 24 centers and 28 theatres.

Udayam Celebrated :
50 days in direct 24 centers and 28 theatres
100 days in 22 direct centers and 25 theatres
175 days in 12 direct centers and 14 theatres
200 days run in 5 direct centers and 7 theatres.

It also holds a unique record – it ran for 145 days with all shows housefulls in Devi Kala theatre,#Chennai.

In #Madras City it ran for 100 days with 14 shows(4 theatres) , which was an ALL TIME STATE RECORD for both dubbed and Straight Movies, at that time.