The answer to that question might very well be yes!!! What with bhakts on one side and “sicukars” on another it is a very bad time to be a liberal in this country. You try and talk about equality of religion and you get branded as “adarsh liberal” and made fun of. One thing about these blind bhakts though, they wholeheartedly believe that it is them protecting the nation by enforcing Hinduism and its principles. The recent ban on beef and the case against Pokemon go for having “virtual eggs” in temples pretty much defines how they uphold their culture.

They genuinely think that their culture is the only good culture in the entire world. Any talk on Islam is associated with terrorists.A culture from which Kamasutra was born but talking about sex is taboo. A culture where religious idols can be naked but nudity in movies or real life is obscene. This is a culture of hypocrites and misogynists. They want to ban burkha but make their own mothers, wives and daughters cover their head in presence of “God” or any male. Its not that only bhakts are to be blamed. In a country where religion is used for votes , no wonder every other topic is politicized. Other religions aren’t exactly perfect. Even though a minority, these religions like Islam and Christianity have imposed various ridiculous restrictions on their followers.


Now people ask why point out only about Hinduism and I say to those people- because it is the major religion in the country. If you go to the USA you can see people talking about Christianity because it is the major religion in their country. If laws are governed by religions then there is no need of a parliament or a government. Religion must be separated from state. If this does not happen then I’m afraid India is not fit to be called a democracy in any sense. There will be people who disagree with me but to those people cannot disagree with the facts.