Cast & Crew

Chiyaan Vikram’s Irumugan released today worldwide and the movie is opened with extremely postive reviews.

Directed By Anandh Sankar the movie also features Nayanthara and Nitya Menon. For the first time in Chiyaan’s career he played a dual role where plays the character of Akilan and Love. Music by Harris Jeyaraj already went viral and the trailer of the movie also reached 3M views. The movie releases with massive expectation and the movie performs just behind the expectations.

StoryLine :

Irumugan,  a psychological thriller is a must watch movie in theaters as the story line lacks and vikram saves the movie everytime with his acting. The movie is watchable only for Vikram and also glimse of Nayanthara also adds some sense to the movie where Nitya Menon fails to deliver her acting in the movie. The movie will be unimaginable if there is no Vikram in it. Playing both the role of Hero and Villain, Vikram outstands in each and every scene.

The movie has some good visuals and ‘Halena’  song and BGM in every scene outstands. The storyline of the movie is much different from Aadhi Bhagavan which is a Jeyam Ravi Starrer.

The Movie starts with Indian Embassy in Malaysia and Vikram is introduced as Under cover Cop named Akilan. Vikram’s Intro Scene is mass enough to watch. Then Vikram is appointed as Unofficial officer to investigate the drug dealings and he joins with Nitya Menon to find out the culprit.

Intro of Love-Villain character of Vikram is mass enough with the female gesture is plus point in the movie.


The movie is worth watching in theatres and somewhere the director lost his control in the storyline. The movie is purely to be an One Man Show – Vikram. The Film gives you the feeling of watching a Hollywood movie

Rating : 3/5