Cast : Vidhaarth, Rahman, Nasser , Aishwarya Rajesh, Pooja Devariya, Guru Somasundaram Rudra.
Music : Ilayaraja.
Direction : Manikandan.

After the national award Winning Debut Kaaka Muttai, cinematographer – Director Manikandan is back ,with kutrame Thandanai, which was well received in film festivals (much before the theatrical release). With an intriguing title and stellar starcast, what has Manikandan got in store for us here?

Plot and Performance 
Ravi (Vidhaarth),a credit card collection boy, has a problem with his vision. He has a tunnel vision issue, the impact of which gradually Keeps increasing. At a point when he realizes that his job couldn’t help him afford the operation costs, he gets to see his neighbor Swetha ( Aishwarya Rajesh) lying dead ,in the presence of the wealthy Vijayprakash (Rahman) . The selfish Ravi decides to hide Vijayprakash’s presence in the spot, in return for his operation cost. Besides, he also double crosses with Swetha’s boyfriend involving him in the case as well. Whether Ravi succeeded in his quick moneymaking attempts to restore his vision and was he able to get himself out of the crime Web he weaved around himself, unknowingly is what the gripping Kutrame Thandanai is all about.

Vidaarth Subramanian , typically known for his rural ruffian roles, has this time been cast in a different role, and he’s a revelation!! Though his character sketch requires himself to maintain the frightened, always under suspicion looks, as a common man who wishes to desperately lead a Happy life, impacted by his visual challenge, Vidhaarth perfectly portrays the troubles such a person undergoes, in a realistic manner, while also beautifully depicting the pain of rejection, anger over the unexpected delays in his life , guilt and the fear of getting entangled in a crime Web. Nasser beautifully brightens up the proceedings with his words of wisdom and insightful thoughts on life , delivering an impressive performance, while also justifying the title.Though Pooja Devariya and Aishwarya Rajesh do not have much scope to emote , their roles act as a catalyst in fastening the proceedings. Rahman, as the wealthy guy with a dark secret, who’s forced to pay heed to Ravi’s self-centered demands, is apt. Guru Somasundaram, as the middleman with a cunning smile, sugar-coated words and peculiar body language, is extremely convincing even with the limited screen presence.

Music and Technical Department :
Kutrame Thandanai doesn’t have songs, a bold move, and Maestro Ilayaraja’s background score wonderfully compensates for it. He rules authoritatively with a terrific BGM that increases the thrills and rises the tempo of the screenplay. Manikandan’s cinematography effectively captures the apartment setup, while also giving the audience a feel of Vidhaarth’s view. There’s never a dull moment, as Anu Charan’s editing is razor sharp.

While Manikandan’s impressive debut Kaaka Muttai spoke on how the joy of life lies in living it to the fullest, enjoying every moment and cherishing the smallest of things we have, he has opted for a crime drama this time, with a philosophical message for life. Just like Kaaka Muttai, Kutrame Thandanai also has limited characters and a screenplay restricted to very few locations, but has the advantage of a tight screenplay without drags. Though the plot on paper looks quite simple to be categorized as a murder mystery, Manikandan has ensured that the movie isn’t the routine stuff, and has inculcated feelings like selfishness, guilt and the realistic portrayal of an average human being with a medical condition getting corrupted, into the screenplay. While Kaaka Muttai established the potential Aishwarya Rajesh has, it’s Vidhaarth’s turn to excel here. All the actors are perfectly cast(Though one would’ve felt that Aishwarya Rajesh and Pooja Devariya are given lesser scenes ,they don’t hamper the pace of the movie,and play the vital links) , and with Ilayaraja’s BGM that is in perfect sync with the mood of the crime thriller, Manikandan has ensured that the movie is technically rich. Crisply edited, Kutrame Thandanai has a runtime of just 99 minutes, and though the screenplay isn’t extremely pacy, one would never get that feel if they imagine themselves in Vidharth’s place – and this closer to reality Characterizations and screenplay is the biggest strength of the movie.

Nasser Dialogue conveys more to the society. It’s all about staying true to your conscience that decides the way your life turns out to be. Kutrame Thandanai beautifully conveys this philosophy with a crime coating. Kudos to Vidhaarth for producing Kutrame Thandanai, and Manikandan for delivering a quality product. A must watch.


Verdict: Engaging crime thriller with a strong philosophical message.