Kingfisher, business, parties, girls, money – these were the terms that used to run in to our mind when we used to think of Mr.Vijay Mallya, pre 2nd March 2016. With time change everything else, they say. Fast forward to the present day, one word describes him perfectly than all the previously mentioned ones – ‘ABSCONDER’. And now, its official. The special Prevention of Money Laundering Act court in Mumbai on Thursday declared liquor baron Vijay Mallya an “absconder” based on a plea by the Enforcement Directorate.

The story of Mallya has been of more fantasy than we get to see in movies. He went climbing on a steep vertical path in most of the businesses he was involved with. Name and fame followed money. He actually showed the world how to enjoy life. He could afford to anything and everything and he used them all to enjoy life, in all its glitz and glamour. He was a master at enjoying life. Too much of luxurious spending brought about his downfall. Businesses collapsed and debts increased, at least as per records. And finally when he had no other loop hole to survive in India, he mastered another art – ‘the art of leaving’.

Vijay Mallya left India, it would be better to say that he escaped, on March 2, 2016 and settled in United Kingdom. This declaration as “Absconder” enables them to attach his movable properties, including those outside the country. He had failed to respond to several arrest warrants and appear before the court despite being pronounced a “proclaimed offender”. The Enforcement Directorate wants Vijay Mallya “in person” to continue its investigation of a Rs.900-crore loan granted by IDBI Bank.

One feel that comes to the mind on seeing the latest developments on demonetization by Mr.Narendra Modi is that Mallya was definitely a factor behind it. The 9000-crore hole that Vijay Mallya created definitely played a part. Lets wait to see who has the last laugh – Modi or Vijay Mallya. Keeping the fingers crossed!!