Who Killed Aditya Karikalar:Ponniyin Selvan By Amarar Kalki is very popular in Tamil Nadu and it is read by most of the tamilans.

It Sets back the Story of Chozhas  in Raja Raja Chozhan’s Period and it potrays the story of  Raja Raja Chozhan who gave his throne to Utama Chozhar. The story also dealt with Aditya Karikalar who is the elder brother of Raja Raja Chozhan. In Ponniyin Selvan, Kalki wrote about Aditya Karikalar Death but he wont gave even a single clue regarding who murdered him and till now it is considered as one of the unsolved mystery in Tamil History.

Over Aditya  Karikalar’s murder, Amarar Kalki gave clue to readers and he made readers to assume the killer. In the actual spot of Kadambur Palace, Nadhini was the one who speaks with Aditya Karikalar at that time and it was Vandiyathevan who tried to save him from death. Naturally it made readers to assume that Ravithasan and Pandya Naadu Abathuvathigal murdered Aditya Karikalar to avenge their Pandya King Veera Panya’s Murder by Aditya Karikalar before years.


Evenmore Raja Raja Chozhas, it was Aditya Karikalar who excelled in his childhood and he was considered as the best warrior in Chozha Kingdom. If Aditya Karikalar survives then entire Chozha history will be turned out to be more different.

In a Novel SangaThara, Author explains about Aditya Karikalar murder and many hints that Aditya Karikalar was murdered by Raja Raja Chozhan himself for throne. But it was denied by many historical writers. But once after Raja Raja Chozhan sworn in as king he invaded a place where Brahmins lived and it was said they are from Ravi thasan’s origin seeking revenge to his brother’s death.

But  researchers still finding the solution for the greatest conspiracy in TamilNadu History.

However, the great Chozha Kingdom came to an end in late 12th century.Till now the research and thirst for hunting down the history  of chozha’s empire  is not ended.