For more than two weeks, ‘demonetization’ is the common chat-starter topic among Indians. No other topic has been constantly in the limelight for such a long period recently. In market analytics, a period of eight weeks is considered as the stable period to set a fixed price for any product in people’s minds. Here, the demonetization effect has already entered the fourth week and going by analytics, this effect and struggle for money will stay in the minds of people if it crosses eight weeks. Interesting!

Narendra Modi’s first tryst with controversy happened in 2002 during the Gujarat train riots. Ever since, he has always been in the news for some reason or the other. But in this particular instance, his decision had the power to overshadow the U.S Presidential elections. The Intent behind the ‘demonetization’ move is praise-worthy but the planning behind fails to invite applauses. Any move from the government which will affect ordinary people in their daily life is considered as negative, particularly when the situation does not enforce the immediate implementation of the move.

At a time when Reliance “JIO” launch involved a planning period of more than 20 months and a trial period of three months, how can a move as important as ‘demonetization’ go without plans and backup plans? It is agreed that this particular move’s effectiveness depends on the surprise factor. But the shock should have been targeted at the corrupt, and the common man should have been aided by the government in facing this situation, but unfortunately, the situation has gone vice-versa.

Three weeks into the announcement of demonetizing the 500 and 1000 rupees notes, the common man in India is still running for money to meet even his basic needs. There are long queues in front of banks and ATMs. People are made to wait for hours which is affecting their routine life and profession. It has become a daily routine for every citizen to be worried about how much more cash is readily available in-hand for survival. The most worrying factor is that there is no visible end to this at least for the next two weeks.

A pinch of sarcasm can be added into the situation as both the students and the working population are currently focused on ‘taking notes’. There have been different stories of long queues from different parts of the country. There was an instance in Tamilnadu which went viral as a boy and a girl fell in love thanks to the queue at the ATM. There have been many deaths reported in connection to this. People, irrespective of age, have been standing in queues under hot sun, toiling hard to just get their hard-earned money. All along these suffering, people have supported this move as we are still hoping for a revolution in the country.

We, the citizens from the lower strands of the nation are ready to struggle for the nation. Let us hope that we will get to see a reformed India, which will be a nation to dream for the other countries in the world. LETS CLEAN UP!!