Everything in the world goes through changes. These changes catalyse growth. At the root of these changes lie the ambitions. The intent and conviction of the ambitions behind changes directly correspond to the magnitude and effects of growth.

The last week has been of great importance around the world politically, with the U.S elections and the demonetization in India occupying the headlines. The situation in India and the arguments over Modi’s decision and timing have been ruling the roost across all social networks. Though this can be easily written off as another gimmick, there is more to it than it meets the eye.

Let us first take the case of the one who is at the helm of these changes, Mr.Narendra Modi. He is not an upcoming young politician. Nor he is of that age where a normal human being would go behind money and fame. Thus, it appears to me personally that the intent shown by Modi behind these moves could actually be genuine. An old man has decided to set things in order and it just got bigger because this man happens to be the leader of the most happening nation in the world.

Moving on to the demonetization which is supposed to be the first step towards an improved nation, though there are different views regarding the move, it is to be accepted that something is better than nothing. And on Modi’s statement to continue such bold steps, the situation just gets curious to look forward. From a layman’s point of view of an improved nation, there are basically three main roadblocks visible to the naked eye:

1. Quality of the politicians.

2. Reservation.

3. Non-involvement of youth in national politics.

Though Modi cannot immediately act on improving the ‘quality of the politicians’, it is wishful that Modi includes this in his action list. Coming to the vastly discussed topic of ‘Reservation’, it is high time that Modi at least sets up a board to recommend changes to the existing reservation policy. If Modi continues to act on these lines, it is only natural that the youth get interested in politics and they start involving themselves into politics.

Though opinions may vary based on circumstances, it is wishful that Modi continues to surprise people and detractors with his moves. For at least, a little step is better than being stagnant. Lets keep moving, in the right direction.