The Spanish Super-fast Talgo train completed a 12 hour run from Delhi-Mumbai with 11 minutes to spare.

Journey started at 2.45pm in Delhi and reached Mumbai at 2.34am with a maximum speed of 150 kilometer per hour. The data has to be analysed by the Railways including the safety measures.There are some issues to be sorted out before the commercial usage, says Railway officials.

Currently the Rajdhani express make it in 16hours covering 1400km.

But the Railway officials mentioned the Talgo can reduce travel time between Delhi and Mumbai by 4hours. Nine light-weight coaches has been imported to complete it’s way.

The nine-coach Talgo train consists of two Executive Class cars, four Chair Cars, a cafeteria, a power car and a tail-end coach for staff and equipment.

The trail tests started since may this is the 3rd successful trail-run by the Flying Spaniard. The first trial run took place on the Bareilly-Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh, and then the Palwal-Mathura section of the North-Central Railway.