Chozhas, one of the notorious rulers of South Indian established in 300 BC. It was one of the long ruling dynasty in India and the period ruled by Chozhas is considered as the golden period of TamilNadu. Chozha dynasty was existed even in the periods of Ashoka where in the Ashoka Pillar the names of chozhas was mentioned inscribing that chozhas are the friendly state of Ashoka kingdom. Chozha’s are one among the three prominent kingdoms in TamilNadu along with Cheras and Pandyas.

One of the most notable ruler of chozha kingdom is Karikalar. He built The Great Anicut Dam which was constructed in second century and it is one of the oldest dam in the world and it is still in use. It was built across the river Kaveri.

In Medieval Period, there occurs a confusing state in choza Kingdom regarding the throne. Parantaha Sundara Chozha is in the position to choose his successor to the throne. Aditya Chozhar and Uttama Chozhar was in the race for the throne and unfortunately Aditya Karikalar was assassinated in a mysterious way. It is said that he was assassinated by the Veerapanya’s men to revenge for his death. And so Uttama Chozhar was succeeded by Sundara Chozha and ruled for 15 years and Raja Raja Chozhan who is known as ArulMozhi Varman sworn in as king and the period  ruled by him is considered as the golden period of Chozhas. In his period he expanded the Navy and he conquered parts of Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia and also Thailand. He built Thanjavur Big Temple to celebrate his 25th year as king and it was built in 275 days. It is one of the UNESCO world Heritage Site. Following his death in 1014,his son Rajendra Chozha came to his position and he expanded the empire even more and he captured Ganges and he bulit a city Gangai Konda ChozhaPuram. After the construction of the city, it was made as the capital of Chozhas, Earlier it was Thanjavur. After the death of Rajendra Chozha, Chozha Kingdom saw its downfall and many Kings succeeded Rajendra Chozha was not able and ultimately Chozha Kingdom was destabilised in early 13th century and there was no evidence for the death of the last chozha king and after the downfall of Chozha Kingdom, Pandya Kingdom formed a stable Kingdom.

Even though the Kingdom  ruled over 1500 years, there was no proper historical evidence for many events that occured in Chozha Kingdom.