Undefeated Hero !!

Bajirao 1,Peshwa or Prime Minister Of Maratha Kingdom.He was an undefeated warrior who fought many wars and tasted only success. Unfortunately,he died at an early age.He served as the Peshwa for the Fourth Maratha King,Sahu who largely confined at his residence Satara. Henceforth,the army and the rule was moreover controlled by Peshwa’s with┬áSahu as King.He was appointed as Peshwa in his 20 years and he died at an age of 39.

Bajirao’s Achievement:

Bajirao 1 is regarded as the best Cavalry general from India.His battle tactics is unique which left many speechless.In his era,He occupied most of the kingdoms which was under Mughal Kingdom. Nizam of Hyderabad was defeated every time ended up signing a treaty.He has conquered Hyderabad,Malwa,Delhi,Gujarat and Portuguese. Even the combined forces of Nizam and Mughal Emperor cannot withstand Bajirao’s tactics. Bajirao I’s Victory┬árun came to an end at his 39 age because of Sudden fever.After his death,his son Balaji Bajirao succeeded the throne.

Personal Life :

Bajirao’s first wife was Kashibai and later he married Mastani. He loved Mastani very much and married her. Mastani was hated by Bajirao’s mother and his younger brother because her Mother is a Muslim.Later in his years,Bajirao faced many problems from his family which made him worsen and it hurts him and died at an early age.Soon after the death of Bajirao,Mastani was dead and her death is still mystery as no one knows about her death.Many claims that she committed suicide by sati and many believes she was assassinated by Radhabai,Bajirao’s Mother and Chimajiappa, Bajirao’s Brother.

After the fall of Bajirao,the Maratha Kingdom lost their importance.Many Historians beleived “If Bajirao existed for years,Fate of British will be changed”.Love Life of Bajirao and Mastani was potrayed in 2015 Blockbuster Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Bajirao Mastani’ starring Ranveer Singh,Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra in the lead.