UNO(United Nation Organisation)

The Charter Of UNO was signed on 26th june, 1945, but it came to the force on 24th October, 1945.


UNO have security council. the permanent members of security council is UK,USA,USSR,China and France a majority of other signatory states ratified it and deposited their instrument of ratification.The purposes of the UN are security,justice,Welfare and Human Rights.The UN First conference is held at San Francisco and it was attended by fifty states.The headquarters of the UN are at New York (Lake success), USA.

The recognised language of the UN are: English, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Spanish.Membership of the UN is open to all peace loving soversign states which accepts the obligations contained in  the charter and are willing to carry out obligations.The present membership of the UN is 193, India became its member on 30th October, 1945.The Principal Organs of the UN are General Assembly,Security Council,Economic and social council,Trusteeship Council,International court of justice and secretariat.

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