Nowadays in India , you may find a person not believing in god but it’s very difficult to find a person who doesn’t believe in Whatsapp forwards. The worst part, they will believe and then forward it to all groups without knowing the facts. This practice has caused numerous rumors some of which ended fatally. This practice of forwarding without knowing or analyzing facts must be stopped for the betterment of society. In a recent incident involving the aftereffects of demonetization, there was a forward which claimed that only 2000 rupees wil be exchanged by the bank whereas the government had announced clearly that 4000 rupees per day is the limit. One more forward contained the swiss bank account details of some politicians. The most stupid one involved people forwarding messages saying that the new 2000 rupees note will have a GPS scanner and what not.

Today, social media has turned into the newsrooms of modern India. The only time people nowadays watch news is during news-hour @9 . This trend though started as a good thing has now been corrupted by blind forwards. More and more people are falling victim to this everyday.

A kind request from me and the Being Tamizhan team: Please do not believe Whatsapp forwards blindly and send them to your friends. It may ruin lives. Magizhchi.